Kindergarten Enrichment

To further prepare the half day Kindergarten student for a full day schedule, our studio has combined two of our popular  enrichment classes into a 2 hour session . Our program is designed to expand and enhance the child’s mind through art, supplementing what the children have learned in school. The class provides a warm, creative and social environment with music, sensory activities, snack time and story time.

Big world little hands4

PuppetTheater copy2

Big World Little Hands    The first part of the class is more hands on and sensory driven. Perfect for the energetic child who loves to explore through feel and touch. The projects encourage the child to experiment and express him/herself with freedom and imagination. Nature, math and science are introduced in a creative platform.

Puppet Theater   The second part provides more structured activities with an emphasis on words, the alphabet, reading and storytelling.  Children work individually and as a group encouraging social interaction and personal expression.

Tuesday 9:30-11:30 am and 1:00-3:00 pm

$1700.00 full tuition (2 installments)

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